Support Birds, Bees, Bats, and Trees

Collage of Birds, Bees, Bats, and Trees

Humans don’t have to be a detrimental impact on nature. That is not the case for most of the planet. Industrial agriculture, heavy use of household chemicals, and harmful land management practices destroy natural habitats.

The Problem With Shrinking Wildlife Habitat And What To Do About It

150-200 species are going extinct each day. Birds, bees, bats, and trees are being hit the hardest. Please help us create more natural habitats on our farm for generations. Your health depends on it. Humans rely on the health of these creatures.

  • Birds. Small birds eat pests, reduce weed seeds, and fill the air with song. Birds have a public health role in reducing insect and rodent populations that otherwise carry disease.
  • Bees. Hundreds of different types of bees pollinate vegetables. Many produce honey. Beyond function, bees are an indicator of healthy, diverse natural environments.
  • Bats. Mosquitos and flying insects are no match for bats. Some bats pollinate trees and flowers. A colony of bats produces high-quality fertilizer for plants.
  • Trees. Some trees produce fruit, others shade and habitat for all. Trees capture atmospheric carbon. The right combination of trees increases rainfall while preventing erosion.

Together these creatures maintain ecosystems. They work tirelessly to spread seeds, fertilize, and pollinate plants without human input. Without these partners, no food production is possible.

Contribute to Wildlife Habitat Management Using Regenerative Methods

Unfortunately, millions of households’ pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical products kill these valuable creatures. While you may choose greener alternatives, much of what the government advocates is not environmentally friendly.

There is hope. With regenerative agriculture and permaculture design, restoring natural habitats is possible. It costs nothing to destroy, and restoration is expensive. That’s why your support is greatly appreciated.

In partnership with regional farms, preserving small bird habits, thousands of bees live, bats eat mosquitoes, and planting thousands of trees. An example of environmental conservation is working in Henry County, VA.

Your sponsorship or co-marketing opportunities promote your work while providing much-needed resources to restore natural habitats. Dedications and Commemorations are welcome.

Your Sponsorship Goes Directly Into Wildlife Habitat Programs and Education

Direct sponsorships plant hundreds of trees in your honor to create a habitat to recognize your good sense to support healthy, diverse ecosystems. That’s the opportunity our farm brings to your family and business.

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Click here to Sponsor Birds, Bees, Bats, and Trees.

This is NOT a donation; you are buying a sponsorship. All proceeds go directly into habitat restoration, nursery work, and installing support systems. Thank you in advance for your generous sponsorship.

If you don’t support us here, consider holistic property management ideas from our publication, PROSPERITY HOMESTEAD. A sponsorship means we do all the work for you, but the good news about natural habitat is that you can create it at home.