Farm to Table Connector Newsletter

Are you looking to buy direct from local farms? Do you want fresh healthy food grown in your region at fair prices? Let’s help regional farmers, producers, and those raising food.

The best products won’t be announced on Facebook, Twitter, or Next Door. When farmers sell direct there are laws, rules, and regulations to insure you get quality product.

  • Buy whole, half, and quarter,
  • Grass fed and humanely raised,
  • Cut out the middleman,
  • Build our regional food economy,

You’ll hear about which farmers is at what market. When direct from farm sale days are available. Which processors have meat available. Serving Martinsville-Henry County and surrounding area.

Can You Really Buy Direct from Regional Farmers Quality Food?

Get quality meats, vegetables, herbs, and value added nutrition direct from the farm. Farmers want to bring families across Martinsville-Henry County VA quality food.

Farmers already sell direct through independent grocery, farmers markets, and produce stands. When you buy direct the farmer gets to reinvest the majority of your investment in growing more food.

There is no middleman, distribution warehouse, or even much spoilage. You get fresher food, in season fruits and vegetables, plus much more. The problem is farmers are busy doing farming, you really have to find the farmer.

Instead they settle for wholesale pricing, wasting thousands on ineffective marketing, and suffer with lower margins. Every year one-third of small farms face bankruptcy.

The publisher and contributors to this newsletter seeks to create a market to help regional small farms. You’ll get buying tips, recipes, and pick up locations in a periodic newsletter with buying details.

Be A Part of Regional Food Security Starting With Your Own Home

With coming inflation you cannot afford to wait for grocery stores to stock product. Many smaller regional producers don’t have access to grocery chains. And with farmers markets closed you don’t know they exists.

This newsletter changes this by connecting families and small restaurants with quality food. Join us today. You’ll be asked to confirm your email address and complete a brief survey after you subscribe below.

Vote with your dollars for healthy food raised humanly, without harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO). All farms in this private newsletter are familiar to the publisher. All committed to delivering regional food direct to your table.